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Professional G5 Massagers

professional g5 massagers

We sell the full line of G5 Professional Massagers. We carry the hand held, table mounted, and wall mounted percussion massagers as well as applicators and applicator packages.

At Better Health Innovations, we believe in offering only the highest quality products to our customers, and G5 Professional Massagers meet our high expectations. Whether for sports medicine, massage therapy, or just to relax, a G5 Massager provides a great professional massage that is sure to relieve tired muscles.

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For more than 45 years the G5 ® Massage Therapy System has been the "Gold Standard" for physical therapy and sports medicine. G5 combines high reliability with advanced technology to make their massage machines some of the most respected in the world.

G5 massagers offer several exclusive technological advantages. G5 massage systems are the only of their kind that offer three unique therapeutic actions for maximum benefits:
  • Multiple-Direction Stroking: The G5 Massage Therapy System produces horizontal and vertical action simultaneously. With a special adapter, G5 massage machines allow for Directional-Stroking® of the body. This action is most effective in dislodging and mobilizing secretions and metabolic by-products, especially effective for lymphatic drainage and detoxification.
  • Gyratory Action: By combining the back and forth gyratory force and the up and down percussive force, G5 massage machines creates a massage experience similar to the applied pressure and stroking of traditional manual massage.
  • Percussion Action: A deep percussive penetration through muscle layers is created with the many choices of speeds and frequencies. This deep massage capability provides treatment and relief to sore and injured muscles.
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G5 Massage Products Ship in 1 - 2 Business Days. These are stocked in multiple warehouses to give you the best delivery time possible.