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Professional Massagers

Professional Massagers

Our Professional Thumper and General Physiotherapy G5 Massagers ease your aches & pains and improve your health with the highest rated massagers on the market.

All Thumper and G5 Massagers come with a 110% 30 Day Price Guarantee* and a Two Year Warranty.

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Thumper Massagers
G5 Massagers

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How Are Thumper and G5 Massagers Different?

They are not vibrators. They are very powerful massage tools. Regular massagers just rub the skin. The professional massagers we carry use a pulsed accupressure that penetrates muscles and sends healing pulsations throuout the body.

Thumper Massagers

Thumper massagers are used by over 150,000 professionals worldwide and is the only massager on permanent display in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Unlike ordinary electric massagers that work with orbital action and do nothing more than 'rub' your skin, thumper releases muscular tension with tapotement: a steady, comfortable, pulsed acu-pressure that easily penetrates even the thickest muscles. You feel a Thumper massage throughout your body, not just on the surface of your skin. Sending healing pulsations deep into your body, penetrating through all muscle layers.

  • Direct Drive: The energy of the motor is sent efficiently, directly into the muscle you wish to massage.

  • Dynamically Balanced: The massage energy does not 'creep' back to the handles or casing of the model. No kickback to your hands or casing.

  • Strong: There is no mistaking these models with Far East imports.

Only light pressure is necessary for complete penetration. These massagers save you the work by using the weight of the unit to give the massage. Will provide a deep tissue massage with little to no effort. The Thumper does all the work for you!

General Physiotherapy G5 Massagers

For more than 45 years, the G5 ® Massage Therapy System has been the "Gold Standard" for physical therapy and sports medicine. G5 combines high reliability with advanced technology to make their massage machines some of the most respected in the world.

G5 massagers offer several exclusive technological advantages. G5 massage systems are the only one of their kind that offers three unique therapeutic actions for maximum benefits:

  • Multiple-Direction Stroking: The G5 Massage Therapy System produces horizontal and vertical action simultaneously. With a special adapter, G5 massage machines allow for Directional-Stroking® of the body. This action is most effective in dislodging and mobilizing secretions and metabolic by-products, especially effective for lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

  • Gyratory Action: By combining the back and forth gyratory force and the up and down percussive force, G5 massage machines creates a massage experience similar to the applied pressure and stroking of a traditional manual massage.

  • Percussion Action: A deep percussive penetration through muscle layers is created with the many choices of speeds and frequencies. This deep massage capability provides treatment and relief to sore and injured muscles.

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