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IQAir Air Purifiers

2012 New Edition - 32% Quieter - 38% Longer Filter Life

IQAir air purifiers use only the most effective air purification technologies, the same technology used in hospitals, airports, and cleanrooms. Unlike many other brands, IQAir air cleaners produce absolutely no ozone, charged particles, or chemicals.
An IQAir air purifier is an investment in clean air and good health.

In 1963 IQAir introduced the first residential air purifier. Their 40 year track record has proven the effectiveness of their air cleaners and also allowed them to achieve technological improvements of their proven designs. Not only can no other air purifier company claim a history as rich as IQAir, but no other air purifier company has received more #1 product reviews from consumer product and industry experts.

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If you require an IQAir air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), please have a look at the IQAir GC MultiGas Series

IQAir Air Purifiers and Air Filters

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HyperHEPA® Technology
The IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier Series features their exclusive HyperHEPA filtration, which is certified to filter airborne particles down to 0.003 microns in size with a minimum efficiency greater than 99.5%. Compare this to ordinary HEPA's efficiency of only 37%! HyperHEPA filters particles 10 times smaller than a virus and 100 times smaller than that of ordinary air filtration.

The fan motor is placed between sound attenuating filters to assure the most quiet operation possible. A double-walled housing and rubber motor suspension pads also contribute to IQAir's quiet design. An IQAir air purifier is quiet enough for your bedroom or study.

Certified Performance
IQAir Air Cleaners Hyper HEPA Performance
IQAir tests each air purifier individually to assure performance meets their strict expectations. You will receive the results of this testing included with your air purifier, hand signed by an IQAir test technician.

Molecular Control
IQAir air purifiers are capable of removing particles better than competing models and are also effective in removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), unpleasant odors, and other gaseous chemicals.

Advanced ControlsIQ Air Air Purifier Controls
With six fan speeds, a day/night automatic timer, and sleek remote control, IQAir gives you the most user friendly and convenient air cleaner on the market today.

Quality You Can Trust
IQAir bring together the best Swiss and German engineers, skilled craftsmen and women, and the best components available in their state of the art manufacturing facility in Switzerland. This has enabled IQAir to achieve their well-deserved reputation as being the top air purifier manufacturer in the world today.

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